MJF’s Mission is to achieve equal access to justice for all Montanans through effective funding and leadership.


The Montana Justice Foundation is a non-profit organization that was first created, under the name of the Montana Law Foundation, as a a program of the Montana State Bar in 1979. The Montana Law Foundation made its first grant, $85,000 generated from voluntary IOLTA revenues, to Montana Legal Services Association. The Montana Law Foundation continued to make grants and promote pro-bono services, and operated as part of the Montana State Bar until 1997 when the organizations board of directors made it an independent organization and gave it a new name, the Montana Justice Foundation. Since then, MJF has continued to act as the charitable arm of Montana’s legal community by making grants, monies which are comprised of IOLTA revenue and, increasingly, individual funding.

Today, MJF continues its work of achieving access to justice for all, and, to date, has distributed more than $5.9 million to Montana’s legal aid community.