Our grant programs serve ordinary Montanans, particularly children, seniors, veterans, Native Americans, and survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. We support projects that help people stay in housing, receive medical care, escape abusive and violent environments, and rebuild their lives. With MJF funding, our grantees:

  • Secure orders of protection for survivors of domestic violence and their children
  • Give a voice to thousands of abused and neglected children navigating the legal and foster care systems
  • Facilitate mediation to resolve disputes early and avoid court altogether
  • Maintain housing and improve housing conditions for families, seniors, and veterans
  • Fend off predatory consumer schemes and help people onto a path of self-sufficiency
  • Support new attorneys who have dedicated their careers to public service by helping them repay their law school debt

Thanks to the generous support of our donors and Montana attorneys complying with IOLTA requirements, the Montana Justice Foundation was able to award more than $620,000 in grants and loan repayment assistance last year.

Many of the organizations that MJF funds are in need of volunteers to address access to justice issues across the state. Volunteering is easy and can be as simple as providing limited advice over the phone. Visit the links below to learn more about our grantees and the access to justice volunteer opportunities at organizations throughout the state.

Grants To Date

2021 Program Grant Recipients

2021 Community Opportunity Grant Recipients

Montana Legal Services Association:

  • Rural Incubator Project
  • Consumer Protection Project