As part of the Montana Justice Foundation’s commitment to working with community partners to create equal access to justice for all, MJF provides administrative support for the Montana State Supreme Court’s Access to Justice Commission.

The Access to Justice Commission is an 18-member advisory Commission of the Montana Supreme Court and was established in 2012 to replace the Montana Supreme Court Equal Justice Task Force.  Its members are appointed by the Court, and its activities are directed and reviewed by the Court.  It is currently chaired by Justice Beth Baker, who sits as ex officio member of MJF’s Board.  The Commission was formed in response to a petition by the former Equal Justice Task Force in 2012, and held its first meeting in December 2012. The Commission’s mission is to assess the legal needs of all Montanans and to advise the Court on how those needs could better be met. The Commission also brings together statewide stakeholders to develop and expand options for access to justice and secure funding for such projects that will serve these goals.

The Montana Justice Foundation supports the Access to Justice Commission by providing staffing and assisting with projects that meet MJF’s organizational objectives and mission.