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MJF invests in programs that promote equal access to justice for all Montanans. 

MJF makes three types of grants: program grants to legal aid organizations, special project grants, and law-related education grants. Through these grants, MJF fulfills its charitable objectives including providing accessibility to legal services, increasing public understanding of the law and the legal system, promoting effective administration of justice, and increasing public understanding of and access to alternative dispute resolution.

Program grants to legal aid organizations (such as those that fund organizations providing direct legal services) make up the bulk of MJF’s grant making. Special project grants are identified by MJF and given at the organizations discretion with the recommendation of the board. Special projects could include programs that, for example, promote increased pro bono services. Law-related education grants promote knowledge of the law and do not exceed $2,000 in funding. Examples of such programs are We the People or mock trial events for high school students.

MJF has a process and policies for awarding, evaluating, and tracking grants as well as guidelines for how the organization’s budget is allocated to grants programs.